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Meet Dripht! | MaltaMusicOnline.com

Meet Dripht!

Vocals/Guitar : Nick Morales
Backing Vocals/Bass : Fre
Guitar : Dan ‘El Flambó
Drums : Mike Briguglio
Genre :  Ska/Punk/Metal
Record Label : Unsigned

Originally set-up in 1998, Dripht has earned a reputation of writing songs of rebellion, fusing its punk-rock roots with reggae, ska, metal and other styles.

In 2004 Dripht released its self-titled debut EP, which was recorded at Temple Studios and Produced and engineered by award-winning David Vella (of Rammstein and Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club fame). Consisting of three numbers and a video, the Dripht EP sold out within days upon its release. In the meantime, co-founding member Patrick Galea quit the band on amicable terms.

Dripht hit the airwaves in Malta and won the hearts of leading music critics. The debut single Mark Barnsley’ had massive airplay in top Maltese radio stations and quickly climbed the charts. The song won the ‘Best Single’ award by popular vote in the Bay Radio Music Awards 2004 organised by Malta’s most popular radio station. Dripht was also nominated in the ‘Best Newcomer’ category during the Bay Radio Music Awards in 2004.

In 2005 Dripht released it’s second EP, Global Warning’, consisting of five numbers, recorded at Temple Studios and produced by David Vella. These include singles such as ‘Rocking to Resist’, ‘Guy on TV’, and ‘Dance Music for Depression’, the latter being a cover version of the 80s hit single by The Rifffs. Like its predecessor, this EP sold out, forcing the band to re-issue it. Once again, Dripht was nominated in the 2005 Bay Radio Awards, this time for ‘Best Band’ and ‘Best Song Ever’.

Both Dripht’s EPs were released in partnership with Independent Maltese label Reciprocal Records and achieved favourable reviews. Dripht is currently seeking a record deal. Dripht has also earned a reputation for its loud and adrenalin-filled live performances. The band has played in a myriad of shows headlined by itself as well as participation in punk, metal and rock festivals and concerts in Malta and England.

Dripht is made up of Nick Morales (Vocals, Guitar), Mike Briguglio (Drums), Fre (Bass) and Daniel il-Flambu (Guitar).